The Broward Complete Streets Guidelines were approved by the MPO Board on July 12, of 2012, and approximately 500 copies have been downloaded to date.  The manual presents an opportunity for communities to design their streets for smart growth, health, safety, livability, sustainability, and more. It also provides a template that can be adopted to replace existing local manuals.

Local governments depend on manuals for design guidance on new streets, as well as for retrofitting and modifying existing streets with new development, and when new subdivisions are being built. Along with land use planning, street manuals play a large role in determining urban form. Street manuals, in effect, serve as the “DNA” of streets. As such, they help to determine how walkable and bicycle-friendly neighborhoods and communities are, how conducive cities are to transit use, and how livable communities become.

The Broward Complete Streets Guidelines manual is based on complete streets principles that aim to design streets for people of all ages and physical abilities and accommodate all travel modes. The Broward Complete Streets Guidelines manual offers another way to design streets and provides guidance for those municipalities that decide to adopt these principles. The result will be more livable neighborhoods with healthier residents due to opportunities for increasing social capital (by interacting more regularly with neighbors) and for active transportation (walking, bicycling, and accessing public transportation).

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