About the MPO


What is the Broward MPO?

The Broward MPO is a transportation policy-making board comprised of 19 voting members including representatives from the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority/Tri-Rail (SFRTA), the Broward County School Board, and three Broward County Commissioners. There are an additional 18 Alternate members of the board, who have voting rights when others are absent. The MPO is responsible for transportation planning and funding allocation in Broward County. The Broward MPO works with the public, planning organizations, government agencies, elected officials, and community groups to develop transportation plans.

The Broward MPO's Vision and Mission

The Broward MPO’s vision is to transform transportation in Broward County to achieve optimum mobility with emphasis on mass transit while promoting economic vitality, protecting the environment, and  enhancing quality of life.

The mission of the Broward MPO is to influence the expenditure of federal and state funds to provide a regional transportation system that ensures the safe and efficient mobility of people and goods, optimizes transit opportunities, and enhances our community’s environmental and economic well-being.

The Broward MPO's planning studies, reports, and documents are public records subject to public inspection pursuant to Chapter 119, of Florida Statute. As such, the use of the MPO’s published information is not protected information.

The Broward MPO's Strategic Framework and Business Plan

On January 8, 2015, the Broward MPO Board held an all-day retreat to set the direction of the MPO for the next two to five years.  More than 20 members of the Board participated and discussed current trends, future needs and strategic directions. The retreat resulted in a consensus on seven strategic themes that would serve as the framework for a Strategic Business Plan. The Strategic Business Plan was adopted in April 2015.

The Broward MPO's Annual Report

In working to achieve the goals and objectives of our Strategic Business Plan, the MPO has created its first annual report. The report highlights some of the projects and initiatives the MPO has been working on over the past year and seeks to share some of our successes with stakeholders and the public.