Regional Long Range Transportation Plan


The Palm Beach, Broward, and the Miami-Dade MPO’s worked together to produce the Southeast Florida 2040 Regional Long Range Transportation Plan. Other regional partners who participated in the development of this plan included:

To view and download the document click on this link 2040 Southeast Florida Regional Transportation Plan


Regional Freight Plan

The 2040 Southeast Florida Regional Freight Plan (SFRFP) is a collaboration of the three MPOs of the Miami Urbanized Area and the two Florida Department of Transportation Districts (District 4 & 6). The SFRFP is conducted every 5 years and the Broward MPO is responsible for its administration during this update cycle.

The SFRFP provided critical input into the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) as well as the individual MPO 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan updates. It highlights key trends, developments and initiatives that are shaping our freight system, creating opportunities to grow and expand our economy. The Plan identifies and prioritizes our freight system needs, including seaport, rail, air, and highway projects, taking into consideration the most current master plans and capital improvement plans. This Plan also includes a hot spot analysis that helped identify short term operational improvements along critical freight corridors, including arterials functioning as critical access points to our warehouse/distribution and industrial areas.

2040 Regional Freight Plan Final Report

2040 Regional Freight Plan Appendices