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The Broward MPO is Combining the Congestion Management Process and Livability Planning
The Broward MPO is combining the Congestion Management Process (CMP) and Livability Planning to provide a comprehensive approach to implementing the 2035 LRTP.  The integration of transportation and land use is integral to the successful development of an effective multimodal transportation system.
Reducing single occupancy vehicle (SOV) travel, and developing and implementing strategies, other than road widening, to improve safety and mobility through other modes of transportation (i.e. transit, community shuttles, bicycle and pedestrian) are the main intent of the Congestion Management Process/Livability Planning.   

What is the Congestion Management Process?
A Congestion Management Process (CMP) presents a systematic process for managing traffic congestion and enhancing the mobility of persons and goods. A CMP must:

  • Measure multi-modal transportation system performance.
  • Identify the causes of congestion.
  • Assess alternative actions.
  • Implement cost-effective actions.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of implemented actions.

The Broward MPO’s CMP is reviewed and updated annually. The process has been developed as a two tier system to evaluate the roadway and transit networks. Updates are usually completed by December of every year and are depicted on GIS maps as congested corridors based on the level-of-service for roadways and transit.  “Vehicle over Capacity (V/C)” ratios are used to determine and monitor roadway system performance, while high activity bus stops locations are used to measure the transit network. These high activity locations are considered good candidates for additional investments including bicycle and pedestrian connections, ITS, bus shelters and/or other amenities.

Congestion Management Map Series





Hollywood Pines Corridor Project

The Broward MPO has initiated its first Congestion Management Process/Livability Planning Project along Hollywood/Pines Boulevard. The study area for this project extends one half mile to the north and south of Hollywood/Pines Boulevard from SR A1A to US 27 and includes consideration of safety and operational issues along Johnson Street at the northern boundary of the study area.

We encourage you to share and hope that people will sign up on the project website to get involved and to keep in touch with developments.

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