2035 LRTP


NOTICE OF THREE (3) PUBLIC HEARINGS in November/December For Two Proposed Amendments to the 2035 LRTP

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A.   Allocate two million dollars for Florida East Coast railroad crossing infrastructure improvements for Quiet Zones in Broward County.

B.   Advance to Fiscal Year 2014-15 the funding and construction of the Andrews Avenue widening from Atlantic Boulevard to Pompano Parkway/SW 3rd Street

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The MPO Board unanimously adopted the 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) that sets

  Amended 2035 LRTP on February 14, 2013

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the framework for a balanced and forward thinking system with investments toward alternative modes such as mass transit, bicycle, pedestrian, and smart growth policies. The Broward 2035 LRTP, branded as "Transformation," is the Broward MPO's plan for change. The LRTP was developed based on current political and public desire for more opportunities to move around Broward County other than by single occupant vehicle travel. Economic vitality for the region, a better environment, and enhanced quality of life are envisioned.

  • Vision Statement:

    Transform transportation in Broward County to achieve optimum mobility with emphasis on mass transit while promoting economic vitality, protecting the environment, and enhancing quality of life."
  • Mission Statement

    The Broward MPO 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) promotes the safe, secure, and efficient movement of people and goods by providing balanced transportation choices that support superior mobility through improvements in all modes with a focus on mass transit and transit-supportive land use in key corridors and mobility hubs.

For a brief explanation about the LRTP download this factsheet  Long Range Transportation Plan/Plan de Transporte de Largo Plazo


VIDEO/AUDIO AVAILABLE HERE Find out more about the long range transportation planning process by clicking on this link Broward’s Long Range Transportation Plan or LRTP

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