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Broward's Transportation System

Click for larger view Broward’s transportation system takes many forms – planes, trains, buses and automobiles. Here is how we move around Broward today.

Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International (FLL) Airport is a large hub core airport in the US with over 11.3 million enplanements in 2012 expected to more than double to 23.7 million by 2040 (Federal Aviation Administration, Terminal Area Forecast Summary Fiscal Years 2012-2040). READ MORE


Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities
Broward has an extensive system of bikeways, greenways, and pedestrian facilities. Crosswalks and signals are being installed throughout the County every year to ensure safe travel by all vehicles. Safe and adequate connectivity is especially important where people meet transit service. READ MORE


Community Shuttles
Broward County Transit also assists with 50 community bus routes operated by 18 cities carrying close to 2.4 million people each year, and they transport 700 thousand paratransit trips each year. Broward also has a number of private shuttles and Transportation Management Associations (TMA) that provide important community access, such as Sun Trolley in Fort Lauderdale and the South Florida Education Center TMA that provides access among the universities and colleges in the Town of Davie.


Express Bus Service
In January 2010, Broward County Transit and the Florida Department of Transportation introduced the popular Express Bus service that travels from western Broward into Miami which carries close to 2,000 persons each day on 29 express buses designed for comfort with WiFi connectivity. Six Express Bus routes are available. The 595 Express routes connect the cities of Sunrise and Weston to major destinations in both Broward and Miami-Dade such as Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Downtown Miami, and the Miami Health District. The 95 Express routes provide additional connectivity between those destinations in Miami and parts of southern and eastern Broward with morning routes leaving from Hollywood, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, and Park and Ride lots along I-95 at Broward Boulevard and Sheridan Street.


Freight Rail
Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport and Port Everglades are Broward’s most significant cargo hubs. Freight going to and from these facilities on trucks or trains is then shipped to destinations both domestic and international. Florida East Coast Railway has a partnership with Port Everglades and is constructing an Intermodal Container Transfer Facility. This new facility will provide more efficient train connectivity with shipping clients to increase the Port’s competitive advantage and reduce truck traffic on local roadways. It’s a win-win for business and the environment. CSX Transportation also operates freight service on the South Florida Rail Corridor, the same corridor that runs Amtrak and Tri-Rail passenger rail service.


Local Bus Service
Broward County Transit operates 3 limited express (Breeze) and 33 local fixed routes within a 410 square mile service area using 291 fixed route buses. They also assist 18 cities to provide 47 community routes operating 77 small-size buses, and contract out paratransit service to provide mobility to qualified disabled persons on 218 vehicles. Every weekday, approximately 130 thousand people take a trip on transit service provided by Broward County Transit. Every year, close to 40 million passengers travel on all 42 local and express fixed routes operated with a total fleet of 397 buses. Broward County Transit has recently adopted their 2014-2023 Transit Development Plan. Click here for full information.



Passenger Rail
South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA) operates a tri-county commuter rail service through Broward known as Tri-Rail which carries 15.6 thousand persons each day, a total of over 4 million persons each year. Tri-Rail also runs shuttle service to connect with its stations.

Amtrak runs Silver Service and Palmetto intercity passenger rail routes from Miami through Fort Lauderdale on the South Florida Rail Corridor north to New York City through Tampa and Orlando. The Fort Lauderdale station is located southwest of Broward Boulevard and I-95 at the same location with Tri-Rail and BCT bus service. Amtrak meets intercity rail passengers at two other stations in Hollywood and Deerfield Beach.


Port Everglades
Port Everglades is called South Florida’s Powerhouse Port for many reasons - serving as a port of call for international cargo and cruise passenger ships, including the largest cruise ships in the world – Oasis of The Seas and Allure of The Seas. With its containerized cargo, liquid and dry/neo-bulk commodities, and cruise activities - Port Everglades is one of the most diversified seaports in the State of Florida. In Fiscal Year 2012, the Port had operating revenues ofapproximately$143 million. One unique fact about Port Everglades is that it is an Enterprise Fund, which means it is a self-supporting seaport. It also is the site of the largest Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ #25) in the State of Florida, and had the largest FTZ exports to Latin America for the past two years. The Port leases land and space to the private sector, including FTZ operators who generate about 9 percent of total Port revenue. In 2012, over 3.7 million cruise passengers said ‘bon voyage’ from Port Everglades. That same year, Port Everglades contributed roughly $26 billion in economic activity to the region, transporting close to 6 million tons in total containerized cargo (923.6 twenty-foot equivalent units [TEUs]), and over 104.8 million barrels of petroleum fuels. READ MORE


From our two-lane neighborhood streets to high-capacity expressways, Broward has 5,128 miles of public roads. Over 43 million miles are traveled each day on those roads by people who live in and travel through Broward. Each year, our commuters spend 38 hours sitting in traffic. Our travel time to work was about 30 minutes in 2010 – up from 23 minutes in 1990. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Broward County and our 31 municipalities work together to provide our roadway network and traffic signalization system. Intelligent Transportation Systems including synchronized traffic lights are a part of moving traffic more efficiently through our County. READ MORE


Toll Roads
Our earliest toll roads came to South Florida with the Sunshine State Parkway in the 1950s, the predecessor to Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise. Today, in addition to the north-south turnpike, we have the Sawgrass Expressway built in the late 1980s and the recently completed I-595 reversible managed lanes. Coming soon are the extension of the popular 95 Express Lanes from Miami north into Broward, and managed lanes on I-75 south into Miami-Dade County. These corridors also make faster, more reliable express bus transit service possible. These congestion priced lanes will bring a new dimension to our high speed, high capacity, and limited access interstate highway system.


Water Taxi
Water Transportation Alternatives, Inc. provides water shuttle services in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood year-round. This service is marketed to tourists as cruises and all-day fares that allow on/off use from multiple stops near popular restaurants and bars who offer discounts to ticket-holders.