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Enterprise Resource Planning ("ERP") System and Implementation Services

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RFP RFP No. 16-01 1-15-2016 2-22-2016    
Amendment No.1 Amendment No. 1 RFP No. 16-01 2-8-2015 2-22-2016    
 Public Notice of a Technical Review Committee Workshop  March 7 at 2PM  RFP RFP No. 16-01 3-3-2016  3-7-2016    


Past Solicitations
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  Release Date   Closing Date  Q&A  Results

Mobility Hub Planning, Design and Implementation 


RFQ 15-06 

11-23-2015 12-14-2015   Electronic Posting Decision 01-27-2016

Mobility Hub Planning, Design and Implementation

Amendment 1

Amendment No. 1 RFQ 15-06 12-8-2015 12-14-2015    

Revised Timeline 1-6-2016

Revised Timeline RFQ 15-06 1-6-2016      


Solicitations Type  


  Release Date   Closing Date  Q&A  Results

 Broward MPO’s Complete Streets Initiative


RFQ 15-05

10-12-2015 11-2-2015  
Electronic Posting Desicion

Revised Timeline 11-10-2015

Revised Timeline  RFQ 15-05 11-10-2015 11-2-2015    


Solicitations Type  


  Release Date   Closing Date  Q&A  Results

 Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Action Plan 


RFQ 15-04

8-18-2015 9-3-2015   Electronic Posting Decision 10-12-15

 Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Action Plan: Questions &  Answers- Amendment No. 1

 Amendment No. 1  RFQ 15-04 8-20-2015 9-3-2015    

  Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Action Plan: Questions & Answers- Amendment No. 2

Amendment- No. 2 RFQ 15-04 9-1-2015 9-3-2015    
Solicitations   Type    Number     Release Date   Closing Date  Q&A  Results

 Advancing Strategic Initiatives: Electronic Posting Decision 

E-Posting RFQ 15-03 7-28-2015 8-4-2015    

 Advancing Strategic Initiatives


RFQ 15-03 




 Speak Up Broward Phase 2    

RFQ   RFQ 15-02 5-8-2015  5-28-2015    

 Speak Up Broward Phase 2: Questions & Answers 

 Amendment  RFQ 15-02 5-18-2015 5-28-2015    

 Speak Up Broward Phase 2: Electronic Posting Decisions

E-Posting RFQ 15-02




If you have questions about the solicitations please contact our Procurement Officer: Lydia Waring
P: 954-876-0049  F:  954-876-0062

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Broward MPO Procurement Code Amended June 13, 2013

Are you interested in doing business with the Broward MPO?

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Lydia Waring
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P: 954-876-0049  F:  954-876-0062

Upcoming Solicitations

Transit Systems Plan - Expected Winter/Spring 2016


The Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization is seeking consultant services to develop a Transit System Plan for the Broward region. Among the strategic directions of the Broward MPO Strategic Business Plan is to establish a vision for multimodal systems in Broward, specifically through the development of a Transit System Plan. The Broward MPO envisions the Transit System Plan as a tool to work with a variety of partners to develop a long-term vision for the transit system with a realistic implementation program.

For more information contact James Cromar at or 954-876-0038

Broward MPO staff has developed a DRAFT Scope of Work for the Transit System Plan. Note: The DRAFT Scope has been included as Agenda Item NA-2 on both the TCC and CIR Agendas for June 24.  It will also be included on the Agenda for the July 9 Board meeting. CLICK HERE or on the Tab above to visit the agenda page.

Employment Opportunities

Below are job descriptions that have been used in the past to give potential applicants guidance on the types of skills and experience that could be required in the future. Thank you for your interest in the Broward MPO.

Employee Job Application

Example Job Descriptions 

Admin I

Admin II

Admin III

Lead Admin

Planner I

Planner II

Planner III

Lead Planner


Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

Please visit the Title VI/DBE page to view details about the MPO's DBE Program CLICK HERE

Title VI Program

Please visit the Title VI/DBE page to view details about the MPO's  Title VI Program CLICK HERE

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