Study Purpose


The study looked for solutions that will manage traffic congestion, increase travel options, and improve quality of life through a safer and more convenient and comfortable transportation system. A series of potential project alternatives addressing these solutions were proposed and evaluated. The evaluation included how to best connect different modes of transportation, and where any enhanced transit service may be located, in addition to pedestrian and bicyclist facilities.
Purpose and Need Statement
The Purpose and Need Statement sets the stage for consideration of the project alternatives developed for University Drive. It had three parts: The Purpose, the Need, and Goals and Objectives. The Purpose defines the transportation problem to be solved. The Need provides data to support the problem statement and should establish evidence that the problem exists (Purpose). The Goals and Objectives describe other issues that need to be resolved as part of a successful solution to the problem. 
The Purpose and Need Statement is intended to clarify the expected outcome of public expenditure and to justify that expenditure - What you are trying to accomplish and why you think it is necessary.