Traffic Counts


The Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) Count Data

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) maintains a list of count stations primarily on State roads.

Click at the links below to access the traffic count maps, the AADT reports, the historical AADT counts from 1990 to current year, and the GIS data. The traffic count maps and reports are in PDF format. The historical AADT data file is in Excel spreadsheet format. The GIS data are provided in ArcView shape file format along with an html file that contains the GIS data documentation.

  • AADT Traffic Count Report 2009 -- PDF (1 mb)
  • AADT Traffic Count Report Summary -- PDF (2.08 mb)
  • Traffic Count Map 2009 (AADT) -- PDF (8.4 mb)
  • Traffic Count Map (Peak Hour) -- PDF (8.4 mb)
  • Historical Traffic Count Data -- XLS
  • Future Traffic Forecast Map - PDF (2.46 mb)
  • GIS Data for the Traffic Counts -- ZIP

The Turning Movement Count (TMC) Data

Select the links below to access the TMC data, a map showing the signalized intersection locations, or the GIS data. TMC data are provided in dBASE format, the map is in PDF format, and the GIS data are provided as a zipped file containing ArcView shape files and metadata in html format. The TMC data are grouped by the year they were collected. The first four digit of each TMC file name (xxxx_yy.dbf) refer to the intersection ID while the last two digits refer to the year. To determine the actual day of the month and the location description of each count, you should read first the tmcxxx.dbf (xxxx represents the year) file provided in each year group.

Turning Movement Counts (ZIP Files) 
2009  |  2008  |  2007  |  2006  |  2005 

Signalized Intersection Location Map -- PDF (9.13 mb)
GIS Data for the Signalized Intersection Location Map -- ZIP


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