Project Selection


Project Selection

As is common in many urbanized areas, the total cost of all the needed transportation improvements exceeds reasonably expected revenues. With guidance from the Board and the public, funding levels were assigned to each of the three affordable categories:  a new Complete Streets program for local projects; regionally significant transit projects; and then regionally significant roadway projects. Within the regionally significant groups, projects were then selected based on a variety of criteria including a system-level analysis.

Publications & Findings

Fact Sheet - How To Comment

Fact Sheet - Public Comments and Responses 

Packet - Investment Priorities - Public

Packet - Investment Priorities - Stakeholders

Wishlist - Bicycle Projects For Program Consideration

Wishlist - Greenway Projects For Program Consideration

Wishlist - Pedestrian Projects For Program Consideration

Wishlist - Transit Projects For Program Consideration

Supportive Data & Analysis

Analysis - Candidate Projects

Analysis - System Factors

Data - Freight Projects